Get a Reliable Reminder


Med Alert features with Medicine Reminder- an important part of the app! This is where you manage all your Med Alert. It lets you set reminders on each medication to avoid missing doses. In other words, the app helps you to adhere to your medication schedule by reminding you to take the medicine on time, through notifications.

Learn Your Rhythm


This feature will help you to track the record of your health. With this, you will instantly see your weekly, monthly, daily medication and also judge which are of treatment are in progress, as well as your reports from wearable’s and 

Live Health Improvement Monitoring


This Medicine Tracker features give you the ability to share and discuss your medical report with doctors. This will not only help your doctors to have a live health improvement monitoring but also be able to better cater to your needs.

Family Sharing

A great feature for those who missed taking medicine on time, as with this family sharing feature your family member can also get a Pill alert notification if you accidentally miss a medication. For this, you are just required to list your caregiver as an Med Alert. This will helps you to manage your family members’ medications from one convenient place with our dependents feature.

Why choose Med Alert?

Med Alert is the leading and successful pill tracker app that helps to have a record related to your health and take medicines on time with proper prescriptions. So, hurry uptake the advantage of our new latest and updated features on Med Alert, by simply downloading our Medicine alert app on your device.

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